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Danyel D. Hall, PhD Researcher - Intense Educational Services


Our organization is comprised of a dual certified teacher of 22 years, practitioners in education, and experienced staff that has served students with various delays to achieve at their optimal level.
We are a compassionate team of educators designing approaches that parents are hoping for and students need.  Our new approach to supporting your family and/or classroom is through digital chat coaching or via phone.  
Click on link below to get started on a coaching adventure to support your child/student with sensory and/or developmental delays.

          Hire a Coach!

What happens when you hire a coach? Once you click on the link provided, you will have the option for digital chat sessions or via phone sessions.  

The coach will ask you a series of questions to profile the sensory(s) issues of the student/child. Through coaching we will engage in framing the sensory elements.  Creating awareness of how students/children engage with their environment is essential in making progress. This will help focus our goal(s) for the student/child, and create strategies to support the environment (action planning).  

Finally, we will discuss what benefits and results will look like for the student/child from the teacher/parent perspective in their day to day life (maintenance- work to sustain the behavior change). 


A student with severe SPD licks the windows of the school bus when he rides. COACHING REPLY: After some more questioning, the boy maybe over-stimulated by the bus ride, triggering under-stimulation to taste or oral gratification. Give small piece of candy, have assistant ride by window.  Confirm with parent which small piece of food would they would advise.  

A parent asked, "How can I get my daughter to stop being over excited about asking driving directions, and if we are almost there, yet. COACHING REPLY: What can she do in the car? Coloring, writing what she sees, names and signs in the environment, give her a replacement activity.

How to prevent a student w/ autism from completing all assignments in a syllabus the first week of class. COACHING REPLY: Discuss with the student the layout of the course and only give the student a portion of the syllabus.

A teacher explains that her preschooler needed to have her back brushed in order to fall asleep, but this was too time consuming. COACHING REPLY: Laying on the mat to fall asleep was over-stimulating for her to do. She would benefit from a weighted blank, to free the teacher up. If this is an attention seeking behavior, methods of replacing a special object from the teacher can channel the attention.  Many times strategies work for a little while and you will need to change up approaches.

     Hire a Coach!

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