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ESY is an extended school year program in Chatham County.  ESY intends to provide children with mild intellectual (MID) and/or specific learning disabilities (SLD), in K - 12th grade, an opportunity  to maintain critical skills obtained during the school day and prepare them for the new concepts in their general scope and sequence in learning.  
 At ESY the focus is on reading and math with an emphasis on social, classroom behavioral and organizational skills. Intense support for your child will reflect the many Symptoms / Indicators as follows:
  • Cause and effect thinking- impaired
  • Language - difficulties with comprehension
  • Language - difficulties with expressive language
  • Math skills- delayed and/or weak
  • Memory- impaired
  • Problem solving - impaired
  • Reading skills- delayed and/or weak
  • Social skills - delayed and/or weak

If you notice this pattern of symptoms/indicators, and find that there is a need for direct support, ESY can provide researched strategies to engage your child in explicit instructions.

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